Traditional methods, family values, and generations of experience go into every small batch, hand-crafted bottle of Blackwoods Gin. Their distillery was founded by the Palmer family in 1920 – and Blackwoods has crafted award winning gins for over thirty years.

Botanicals from the Shetland are handpicked each year to give Blackwoods gin its distinctive, yet subtle, taste. These botanicals are hand gathered from the remotest parts of the islands and then shipped to the distillery on the mainland. Each year’s harvest is determined by the plants available from these distant islands.

Blackwoods uses a small copper pot-still produced by the famous John Dore & Co (the oldest pot-still producers in the world) in 1958. Called Constance, or “Connie” for short, this English produced small copper still was named after the late mother of the owner of the Langley distillery and enables consistent, small batch distillation for the optimum quality. To achieve the best of the botanicals, they are gently heated and marinated in neutral grain spirit and water overnight before distillation. This helps to extract their delicate flavors and characteristics.


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Blackwoods Small Batch Gin


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